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Experience Pirot and its enviroment

Get to know this area, intact nature, come and see Old Mountain, its unusual beauty, power and magic that lies in the intertwined natural and anthropogenic motifs which are, in their own way, characteristic for each of its areas and villages. There is no monotony of nature here; feel the adrenalin, power and wilderness of the mountains that surround this area; experience the extraordinary feeling that the visit to this undiscovered area arouses. There is a…

Tourist and geographical location of the municipality of Pirot

The position of this region is conditioned both by a variety of tourist attractions and sites and their different territorial arrangement. Apart from this, it also depends on the tourist route of movement. This region is related to the East-Mediterranean direction, which is the route that connects Western and Central Europe with the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. The region of Pirot municipality itself is surrounded by the Balkan Mountains from the north and north-eastern side with the highest peak…


The first historical source where Pirot is menitioned as a city is Roman map from the 4 th century, known as Tabula Peutingeriana. The antique settlement at the place of todays Pirot was called Tures, which means “towers” in Latin. It served for monitoring and defending the main road in this part of the Empire. The travellers could spend the night in Tures, refresh, change the horses or coach. From the 5 th to the 14 th century Tures is not mention anywhere, so this period remained unclear, and there is a question whether it existed at all at that time. After the 14 th…